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Best Solar Landscape Lights For The Best Night Patio View

You spent all that time Solar Landscape Lights to discover that all the beauty is gone after the sun goes down. It would be best if you had something powerful to accent your grass at night or light up the backyard so you can enjoy that Friday night mimosa on the deck.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the best solar landscape lights to assist you in lighting up your lawn and keeping it the center of attention for all your neighbors to view, even in the dead of night.

Don’t worry; these are the outside Solar Landscape Lights from 2004 that we all have nightmares about.

Solar has come a long way, particularly in small-scale applications like lighting. For example, we can seriously illuminate our lawns thanks to LED technology and the increased amount of lumens accessible for less money, not to mention the usefulness of Solar Landscape Lights

Best Solar Landscape Lights in 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

  • Solar Ground Lights TPK
  • Solar Landscape Spotlights by LITOM
  • Solar Pathlight Ring
  • LED Deck Lights Kit Sumaote
  • Waterproof Solar Pathway Lights GIGALUMI


TPK is a brand you’ve probably never heard of, but that’s precisely what makes them a hidden gem. These Solar Landscape Lights have several excellent characteristics that honestly surprised us in the best possible way.

To begin with, you have eight hours of direct sunshine after only eight hours of use. Of course, they vary depending on the day, cloudiness, and other factors, but it should output roughly the same amount it consumes.

However, these are the best Solar Landscape Lights for more reasons. First, you get an IP65 waterproof rating, good enough to survive rain for extended periods while working perfectly when night falls.

Solar Landscape Lights are also naturally environmentally friendly, so you won’t have to worry about increasing your carbon footprint or power bill. In addition, you won’t even waste a battery on these because the 600mAh battery (in each light) turns off automatically when the sunshine reaches a particular level.

It is entirely self-sufficient; you do not need to worry about turning the switches on and off. Instead, you set them and forget about them. These lamps are also made of stainless steel, so there will be no rusting for years until the chromium wears down.

These are excellent technical specifications, but we must also consider the physical design. You receive these small, pointy, triangular peg slats to put to the bottom of the actual Solar Landscape Lights panel and light. I’m unsure how I feel about them, and I’ll explain why.

On the one hand, they are affordable and help to keep overall costs down. They are, however, not the most reliable. Yes, they are jagged on the bottom to stab right into the earth, but that also means they’ll be somewhat delicate.

An extreme wind could topple them over. But, on the other hand, they’re subtle, so this is a good choice if you don’t want too much focus on the fixtures themselves.

TPK only comes in a warm white light hue, so if you’re searching for ambient blues or warm yellows, go elsewhere. Cheap, strong, and bright enough to define your walkway or draw attention to your garden beds.

14.2″ x 5.2″ x 5″ Dimensions

Pack of 12 lights

8-hour duration

RUNNER UP: Solar Landscape Lights IN LITOM

What factors contribute to the best Solar Landscape Lights for yard use? Is it merely a matter of output time or personalization?

That depends entirely on you – we’re here to look at the objective benefits everyone can enjoy, but there are some nifty added features on LITOM’s solar landscape highlights that you’ll love.

Because these are spotlights, they focus light at a 120° angle rather than the conventional 360° angle of lantern-style outdoor lights. Moreover, that concentrated light is powered by a 3.7V lithium battery with a 18650mAh capacity, which means it has a long battery life and a reasonably brilliant output.

The wonderful thing is that you can choose colored lights if you wish. Unfortunately, these lights don’t have a changing RGB capability, but they have various colorful lights, cold whites, and warm/white blends (yellow and white) to choose from.

I would stick with the primary cold whites we chose for this evaluation. Of course, they stay longer than colored plastic lenses, but it’s still an excellent alternative.

Your Solar Landscape Lights panels are made of monocrystalline silicon, the same material used in full-sized roofing Solar Landscape Lights panels. It’s how solar panels perform their magic.

You can choose between two output modes: high and low. When it’s raining, someone is coming over, and they need to identify the place. The high output works great to cut through the egress. Otherwise, you can leave it on low power and obtain twelve hours of sleep per night.

Because of the sensors in the unit, they will switch on and off independently. However, you will have to select high or low outputs. The problem with stable light output is that it consumes the battery in just six hours, which is problematic because most people’s lights go out around 2:00 AM.

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Last but not least, LITOM went all-in on protecting these lights. UV, heat, and IP67 waterproof ratings are not to be taken lightly. In addition, these are long-lasting lights that are designed to endure as long as possible.

11″ x 4.9″ x 2.7″ Dimensions

Pack of 12 lights

12 hours in length (low mode)


“Alexa, please activate the Ring Solar Path lights.” Then, you may ask Amazon’s Alexa to switch on the pathway lights from your smart hub. Isn’t it cool?

Homes are becoming more intelligent, to be sure.

How well this worked when we set out to produce the best Solar Landscape Lights like garden lights reviews. It turns out that their connectivity is spot-on, but there are several drawbacks to be aware of before making a purchase.

When the motion sensing is turned off, each light emits 80 lumens. The Solar Landscape Lights panels are relatively sturdy and robust, giving light for an average of six to eight hours. It is not mentioned by Ring but instead based on our observations.

But this is where they may have overreacted. Because you only get one light with this purchase, the cost per individual light is more than ten times that of most of the light packs on our list. That’s a significant consideration, but it’s expected if you’re already optimizing an intelligent home.

The catch is that you can’t even connect it to your smart hub right out of the box.

The Ring Bridge, which is fully independent, must be purchased. The current model costs an average of $50.00. The good news is that it can connect to fifty different Ring lighting devices, making it a sensible investment.

Is this a decent light? Yes. Is it particular?

Without a doubt. It won’t suit all of your requirements, but it looks sophisticated and appealing, and it works well if you want to prepare your home for intelligent advancements and the future of IoT gadgets.

Size: 16.8″ x 4.3″ x 4.3″

One light in the pack

6-8 hours in length


It is not a set of solar lights. Instead, this collection of lamps is strung together to be used with a 12V DC adaptor.

On the other hand, those adapters can connect to separately purchased solar panels and an inverter, around half of what is required to go solar with outside energy.

Yes, it is a solar landscape lights review, but it still counts because it can be connected to some strategically placed panels in five minutes.

Plus, we couldn’t pass up those fantastic lights. You get a remote that controls numerous colors, allowing you to change the mood lighting on your walkway depending on the season.

Remember that colored lights require more electricity than white lights, but they’re still a lot of fun. They’re the main attraction of this LED deck light package. It also works great with Amazon Alexa.

Because your lights are linked, they don’t rely on individual receivers to turn on and off in response to intelligent hub commands. So you don’t need to worry about connecting this to a Ring Bridge and running out of room with this twenty-piece kit because one order turns every light on.

Each light is comprised of stainless steel, which ensures long-term rust resistance. Individually, each LED should last roughly 10 years, so you could install these and be in a new decade before having to replace them.

Everything is also controlled by a Wi-Fi-enabled remote, so you can keep it near the front entrance, turn on the lights, and call it a night if that’s what you want.

Size: 13.1″ x 11.1″ x 2.3″

The pack contains 20 lights.

Duration is variable.


GIGALUMI didn’t make the top of our list of the best solar yard lights, but there’s a reason they’re on it at all.

Primarily, they provide a fantastic value for such a beautiful light. Typically, you get those essential black lights with the not-so-clear acrylic window, which reminds you of those old-school Solar Landscape Lights that never worked in the first place.

Not in this case. With GIGALUMI, you receive an impressive eight hours of shine from just four hours of direct sunlight.

That means that if it’s not raining, these things should be fully charged by three o’clock in the afternoon at the latest. Then, because of the daylight sensors, your walkway will gradually come to life as night falls.

Twist the pegs onto the end of the lamp and set it on the ground for installation. The spikes make it easier to drive through thick soil, and the water-resistant top protects your Solar Landscape Lights panels from heavy rain all night.

Overall, it’s a low-cost solution for quick, long-lasting scenic lighting. There are 12 in a packet can be scattered around the yard to provide low-level illumination.

GIGALUMI offers dependable, uncomplicated lighting that will not fail you after a few months. They also provide a sixty-day money-back guarantee or a complete replacement if something goes wrong during shipping or due to manufacturer mistakes.

3″ × 3″ x 15″ Dimensions

Pack of 12 lights

8-hour duration

Buying Guide For Solar Landscape Lights And Frequently Asked Questions


We didn’t choose the best solar walkway lights by accident. But, yes, these do work, and they work pretty well.

Solar landscape lights still carry this stigma due to the failed attempts of solar light producers between 2000 and 2004, which were, to be fair, a nightmare.

They frequently didn’t hold any energy, only produced low-level light for three to five hours at night, and didn’t look very well. Moreover, they were just black plastic with clear lenses, which wasn’t enough to entice me.

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Solar lights are becoming more popular again, thanks to advancements in Solar Landscape Lights panel efficiency over the previous twenty years (even in smaller applications like this).


Some of the information on solar landscape light lifetime is about the environment. For example, do you take them in during rain and snowstorms? Is there a lot of wind in your area? Is your dog covertly gnawing on the light’s casing? There’s a lot to consider.

Solar batteries (which store energy from sunshine) are typically the first to fail. In high-end solar landscape lights, you can buy battery replacements and change them, safely disposing of the old batteries. It is something that should be done every four to five years.

However, almost all these outdoor Solar Landscape Lights evaluations use LED as the primary illumination source. LEDs are an excellent alternative because they use less energy and can last up to ten years before needing to be replaced.

LED technology is fantastic, and after you’ve learned how to utilize these Solar Landscape Lights properly, you’ll discover that they’re easy to replace, inexpensive, and don’t run out very often.


What would the point be? You purchased the best Solar Landscape Lights for garden and yard installation only to have them turned off?

I don’t believe so!

A residence that is well-lit at night is less likely to be burglarized. Criminals prefer darker houses because they can creep over the yard or enter a home without being noticed by neighbors. However, it only takes one call from your neighbor to summon the cops.

Criminals will “case” a house to determine its vulnerability and whether it is worth breaking into. Homes with superior landscaping often have more money than the average joe, but with the correct defense mechanisms, you can still avoid unwanted attention.

If you really must turn off your lights at night, you may do so, but if you have any concerns about this, it is better to let them burn out rather than turning them off.


There’s nothing you can do to increase the output of solar lights. You cannot force it to absorb additional energy.

However, you can use a few techniques and tricks to maintain a high brightness level or rejuvenate older lights to restore complete lighting.


The Solar Landscape Lights glass/plexi panels surrounding the natural light source are easily contaminated by dust, grime, and debris. That means there is less energy entering in and less light coming out.

In addition to cleaning the panels, you can use a plexiglass restorative spray and unscrew the solar lights every few months or so, wiping off the plexi. It makes things as plain as a Windex commercial.


A lack of sunlight during the day is one of the most common causes of not obtaining enough light from your Solar Landscape Lights. Therefore, you must be aware of the sun’s position and when shade is cast from your residence onto the lights.

Find a correct approach before putting these down, or you’ll be robbing these lights of around half the solar exposure they require during the day.


Your Solar Landscape Lights may not be getting sunshine and are dying prematurely. You can cycle the panels for one day, allowing them to absorb sunlight and bringing them in at night.

Please keep them in a light-filled area to fool the lights into believing they’re still absorbing light. They will still absorb sunlight the following day if you leave them outside.

It could be enough of a charge (two days intake, zero days output) to restore their brightness. Consider that if you have to do this once, you may have to do it again later. Some lights will be equipped with switches, but not all.


That is determined by the region in which you live. Most of the time, you may leave them out all year in various parts of the country, such as the southeast, California, and southern states like Texas and New Mexico.

However, as we progress up the globe, we encounter less friendly surroundings. In addition, you’ll have to deal with bad weather, such as nor’easters and heavy snowfall.

Some sales pages may claim that these lights work well in the snow, but are you willing to take the risk? After all, we’re working with electronics.

Most Solar Landscape Lights panel manufacturers advise you to clear snow from the panels and inverter as quickly as possible for a reason, and I can’t think you’d have even more durability with smaller installations like this.

It is not suggested to leave them outside throughout the winter. If nothing else, they’ll get buried behind those snow piles as the snow blower rolls through (crunch crunch), chewing up and spitting out your landscaping investment.

If you live in a snowy area, bring them in during the winter months. Otherwise, you can wake up in the middle of the night to find a sudden flurry and some wet lights that caused melting water to seep into the panels.

It’s Time To Shine A Light On The Night

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Are you willing to put some light on that drab backyard patio or turn your front walkway into a Solar Landscape Lights show? I believe you are.

With the appropriate Solar Landscape Lights, you can provide years of beautiful, maintenance-free lighting to your yard while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing, one-of-a-kind outdoor setting. We just showed you the best lights for the long haul; now it’s up to you to choose one.

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