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Top Great Floors ideas

Do you want something eye-catching underfoot? Your Great Floors may significantly impact space and set the tone for the whole thing. However, there are more options for such a vast aspect than just carpet or vinyl. Here are five ideas to transform a space from ordinary to extraordinary.

1. Cork, natural

Look to cork for a bit of warmth and softness underfoot. Cork is a Great Floors material that has a lot of distinguishing characteristics. First, it’s a gently spongy substance with a distinct feel that delights your feet. (We’re not talking about installing recycled wine corks.) Because it resists mold and mildew, it is suitable for allergy sufferers. Finally, like hardwood, the pin has a muted, natural appearance.


Keep cork away from damp areas such as bathrooms. Unglued seams on a cork Great Floors attract water, causing the material to bloat, distort, and degrade.

2. Soft rubber

Rubber flooring isn’t just for children’s rooms. It absorbs sound and has a smooth, cushioned feel that makes it safe to walk on in places like toilets, kitchens, gyms, and anywhere else where sliding is a problem. Rubber is typically available in vibrant solid, and speckled hues, which are ideal for playful environments. Rubber can be put on a sheet or as a tile. The Great Floors is often simple to install, and because the weight of the material holds it in place, no harmful adhesives are required. Then, pull up the Great Floors material to remove it.

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3. Glass Mosaic

Consider mosaic glass tiles for a sleek, elegant, attractive, and easy-to-maintain Great Floors. Mosaic glass tiling isn’t only for bathrooms—incorporate mosaic flooring into the hallway or patio Great Floors to provide a beautiful and artistic touch to otherwise dull locations. These high-end materials are often fastened to a mesh mount backing for easy installation and are constructed of durable reinforced glass (just like mosaic backsplashes). Because the glass may be printed in practically any color, the designs vary greatly.

4. Concrete Decorative


The trendiest flooring choice may already be beneath your feet. There might be a concrete subfloor beneath the completed Great Floors. Concrete Great Floors may be transformed from its raw state into something attractive, elegant, or shining. Concrete may be polished, texturized, and acid stained using a variety of processes. An additional layer of concrete can be poured, combined with color treatments, and implanted with ornamental items.

5. Plywood, Finished

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Though plywood is commonly considered a cheap, standard, utilitarian subfloor, it may also be used as completed Great Floors. If you use it as your main layer, you’ll have an inexpensive blank slate for a painted or stained floor. A beautifully stained plywood floor may match the appearance of hardwood. A plywood Great Floors that has been polyurethane-sealed may be cleaned with a moist mop. It’s an excellent choice for a room that can’t accommodate greater height from thicker Great Floors or for a high-traffic area.

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