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Best Material To Use For Shower Walls in 2022

You’re going to install a fresh new Shower Walls as part of your bathroom remodel, but you’re confronted with several material alternatives.

What factors contribute to the best wall? What is the least expensive?

It’s like a thunderstorm of thoughts.

We’re here to assist you in selecting the best shower walls material for you, whatever that may be. We’ll go through specifications, variances, and a slew of other concerns you can encounter with various wall materials. Let’s get started.

Choosing the Best Shower Walls Material Is Critical

Your shower is where you spend valuable time before work in the morning or relax before bed every night. Given that this is a heavily trafficked area, the material you choose is critical.

You’ll be presented with four primary possibilities and want to discuss each of them before making your final decision.


Acrylic Shower Walls is a low-cost alternative for many DIYers on a tight budget, and it’s a good one. It’s been utilized in bathrooms on and off for various reasons, but we’re starting with it since it has the most trade-offs.


Super Low Cost

Acrylic is the most common choice for Shower Walls and tubs since it’s insanely affordable to make and install. There is nothing that will save you money like acrylic.

Many bathtubs and shower outfitters will come in, measure your bath, and then return with a full shower that fits over your old one. In this case, acrylic will save you a lot of money.

Simple to Set Up

Because acrylic can frequently be installed over an existing Shower Walls or tub, it is straightforward to install. However, if you wanted to do it yourself, you could use acrylic panels and install them yourself.

They won’t be as effective as a full bathtub outfitter job, but with the correct caulking, they can be watertight and last for years. You may only need to replace the caulking every three to five years.

It Has Less Longevity Than Other Options

Acrylic can crack, and it may break, and it can get a little worn down from abrasions. The ancient saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

While acrylic Shower Walls are unlikely to sustain significant stress or damage, they are theoretically less durable. I’ve had an acrylic shower for eight years with no cracking or problems. However, there are several stories on the internet of individuals campaigning for better materials.

You may be unfortunate, and it may hold on just like mine; however, acrylic, as a material, is less resilient than other shower walls material selections available.

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Ceramic Shower Walls tiles are an excellent choice. They’re long-lasting, water-resistant, and stylish. In addition, they have a lot of aesthetic appeal and color options, which is essential for bathroom remodels.

You have to have as much function as you do attractiveness; else, what was the point of remodeling in the first place?

These are the key benefits and drawbacks of ceramic.


Heavy; challenging to install

Ceramic, like stone, is a heavy material. It’s not an easy job to set up. The supporting Shower Walls wouldn’t have to carry as much weight if you used lightweight acrylic.

Because ceramic tiles are heavy when used from floor to ceiling, the most time-consuming component of the installation process will be preparing the surface to adhere to the tiles.

Relatively Low-Cost

Ceramic tiles are not particularly expensive to manufacture. It is reflected in the cost of raw materials. When you acquire ceramic tiles, you buy them in bulks corresponding to specified square footage areas.

The price differences are apparent when compared to alternative materials with the same square footage coverage.

On the other hand, Ceramic tiles are out of date, which is why many people avoid utilizing them. However, if you put your mind to it, you may find exciting and modern designs for ceramic tiles, making them both attractive and affordable.

Resistant to Stains and Leaks

Ceramic is an excellent material since it will not stain and will not leak. If you’re ceramically spread, it would be due to a large crack you could see.

Unlike other materials, you can diagnose the problem immediately and prevent water damage. In addition, these ceramic tiles will not stain for any reason, regardless of the hair color, shampoo, or conditioner you use in the shower.


While you won’t have a complete glass box to shower in, you will have these as a choice for two of your Shower Walls, with the option of glass tiles for the other two.

They’re beautiful, sophisticated, and ideal for intimate his-and-hers bathrooms or master baths. That being said, there are a minor issues regarding glass shower walls.


Exceptional Appeal

Glass showers are among the most visually appealing upgrades to master bathrooms. They are typically found in high-end bathrooms that have been meticulously designed throughout.

Aside from that, they’re pretty easy to keep clean and appealing, so you can always have a high-end bathroom.

Improves Property Value

Glass showers are less expensive than stone showers. Still, their appeal can result in a significant increase in the value of your home. Glass showers must be precisely fitted to endure water pressure and sometimes leaning on the glass Shower Walls. Therefore, they must also be built well and sturdy.

If you agree to sell your home, this is an excellent method to boost its worthwhile to enjoy something magnificent.

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Glass showers are not the safest option. Glass water is quite slippery, so it might not be the best option if you have any disabled or elderly persons in your home.

While this is only the shower walls, leaning against one when falling or slipping when pushing the glass door open may become an issue.

Expensive Alternative

Even though glass is not the most expensive material to make, glass showers can be costly.

Aside from installation costs, it would be best if you also considered that this is tempered, ultra-thick glass that is sturdy enough to be used in this manner.

It must also endure the pressure of metal (usually used in framing) and the fast temperature changes caused by water. It’s a higher grade of glass Shower Walls but also more expensive.


Stone Shower Walls is pricey, but it is one of the most lasting materials you can use in your shower like Shower Walls. There are various constraints when using stone tiles, ranging from location to fastening, as well as the overall price of installation. However, it is everything you need to know.


The stone is expensive.

Slate is a popular alternative to granite. However, whatever you choose will be more expensive than almost every other material on this list.

Stone is not only natural and cannot be made (at least not in actual stone), but it is also heavy to transport and expensive to cut. Those costs are passed on to you whether you buy them or not.

Stone Looks Beautiful in Every Bathroom

Have you ever seen a restroom that is entirely or partially made of stone?

They’re stunning, appealing, and significantly increase the value of your home. Stone bathrooms are also easy to clean, and depending on the shade of stone used, they can reflect natural light almost like a mirror, making small spaces feel much more significant and brighter.

Durable Enough to Last a Lifetime

With stone, you won’t have to worry about disrepair or anything of the sort for a very long time.

The grout is the first thing to disappear in a stone bathroom, and that’s only if you don’t take care of it and years pass. Stone is one of the most long-lasting materials you can use in your bathroom.

You Deserve A Lovely Shower

Your shower should look as good as the rest of your bathroom, so choose high-quality fixtures. It’s where you get ready for the day or unwind after a long day. It’s critical.

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We’ve discussed the best materials for your Shower Walls, but we’ve also discussed some significant differences between materials that you should be aware of. So it’s now time to decide: which material will you use?

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