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How To Add English Cottage Style to Your Home?

The nostalgic English cottage decor style is immediately peaceful and welcoming. Whether it’s the sense of comfort or the whimsical atmosphere of the room, there’s just something about the rustic look that makes you want to cuddle up with a good book and unwind.

Fortunately for city residents, the English cottage style is not limited to rural roads, or well-managed Instagram feeds. In truth, incorporating the English cottage design into your house is much simpler than you may imagine.

Continue reading for professional tips on incorporating a homey rural design into your home.

1. Remember not to overcomplicate things.


“English houses have history and are frequently cobbled together with discovered and inherited antiques,” explains Liberty Riggs-Nichols, Founder and Lead Designer of Studio Riggs. It’s excellent news if you’ve been saving old furnishings or décor from family members, but it’s also something you can replicate by visiting your local thrift store or antique shop.

2. The King of Comfort


Comfortable furniture will be your best choice, not just for English cottage aesthetics but also for the cozy feel the English countryside is known for. “You won’t find a La-Z-Boy in a typical English home, but you will find comfy and relaxed furniture,” adds Riggs-Nichols. “Whether it’s a comfy rolled-arm accent chair or a slipcovered couch.”

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3. Accept a Little Oddity


“We take ourselves a bit more seriously in America than our self-deprecating friends over the pond,” adds Riggs-Nichols. “I believe one of the reasons English design is having such a moment right now is that it isn’t afraid to be a little whimsical and strange.” Of course, embracing a little quirky might be difficult if you’re not used to letting go and allowing a little oddity to show through in your design, but it will get easier as you lean into themes or hobbies you’re naturally drawn to.

4. Plants and flowers should not be overlooked.


While many people believe that the inside is essential, there are numerous things you can do to give your house an English cottage vibe. Additional minor alterations include integrating a stone walkway in your yard and a variety of lush green plants.

5. Colors and patterns are appealing to you.


According to Richard Petrie, Interior Expert at Thomas Sanderson, the English cottage style is influenced by lively patterns and vivid colors, particularly in wall treatments and fabrics. Rather than starting with a statement wall or investing in slipcovers and continuing from there, consider starting with a statement wall or investing in slipcovers and moving from there.

6. Consider Strategically Adding Mirrors


Light and airy spaces are standard in traditional English cottages. Whether you have huge windows or a small area, try positioning a mirror opposite your windows to create the illusion of additional light in the room. Don’t forget to experiment with placement to achieve the most fabulous view!

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7. Embrace Imaginative DIY Projects


Smaller DIY projects may be an eco-friendly way to add some flair to your room without spending too much money on new items—and they’re also a fantastic way to create an English cottage feel in your house. Simple measures like replacing the knobs on your closets and doors with old-fashioned vintage-style handles and making wicker baskets for storage can also contribute to the authentic cottage atmosphere.

8. Build Your Own Art Gallery


Curating your collection of fine art and prints is another way to create a sense of English cottage tranquillity at home. Consider purchasing used oil paintings (inexpensive in secondhand shops!) or investing in high-quality prints or replicas of your favorite art pieces.

9. Encourage a Passion for Literature


Bookcases, shelves, and heaps of books await exploration in traditional English cottages. Consider putting a casual reading nook in a spare corner of your bedroom or inserting a small bookcase into your sitting area or living room to get the same sense of comfort.

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10. A Cozy Kitchen Is Essential.


Bright, contemporary kitchens have become the standard in North America, but a small cooking room is far more inviting—and essential for obtaining a natural English cottage aesthetic. The English cottage kitchen is defined by mismatched wooden furniture, open shelving with colorful enamelware, deep Belfast sinks, and hanging pots and pans.

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