What Color Cabinets Go With Black Stainless Steel Appliances?

So you’ve got black stainless steel Appliances in your kitchen—how stylish! As all-white rooms become less trendy, the color black is becoming more popular in the kitchen. You could be wondering what color to paint your cabinets black.

Designers have learned that there are several options available. If you like colors, pick a bright one and have fun with it. However, if you like neutrals or want something monochromatic, that is also an option.

Continue reading to discover the advantages of interior designers’ preferred cabinet hues.

Consider the word Saturated.

According to designer Shelly Rosenberg, black stainless steel Appliances looks excellent in vivid blue and green tones. “After two key years, all-white clinical kitchens are a fading trend; we need warmer, grounded environments that comfort us,” Rosenberg adds. “black stainless steel Appliances allow us to employ cocooning hues like deep moss-green, rich Bordeaux, or slate blue.”

“I recommend Sherwin Williams Indigo Batik, which may provide a warm sitting room vibe depending on the home’s construction,” designer Cheri Etchelecu-Martin explains. “Black, in my opinion, is a timeless hue.”

Green, in particular, is still famous, and designer Linda Hayslett likes to combine it with black in the kitchen.

“Sherwin Williams Lucky Green would look stunning with black stainless steel appliances,” she adds, “since the green hue would stand out so brilliantly against the black.”

“The glitter of black stainless steel Appliances may accentuate the richness of gem-like greens and blues to create a gorgeous kitchen,” designer Tina Ramchandani explained.

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Designer Erica Evensen has a concept for a dramatic kitchen setting that incorporates the color brown.

She says, “I’d love to see black stainless steel Appliances set against a dark stained cabinet with a tight grain, paying homage to a classic pairing of brown and black.” “Dark counters, like soapstone, that would patina with age, paired with an unexpected backsplash, such as antique mirrored tile, would create a truly unique space.”

“Pair them with natural wood cabinets and a Vermont Danby marble countertop,” designer Kathleen Walsh advises. “The marble’s clean, light veins would bring the appliances and cabinetry together well.”

According to Hayslett, natural finishes are adaptable because they may be dressed in various ways. “Natural finished cabinetry complements black stainless steel appliances well,” she explains. “Depending on the color and wood used, they may make it feel like a contemporary or comfortable cabin environment.”

Deep Black

Why not experiment with tone-on-tone action? Walsh loves the notion of combining black stainless steel Appliances and black cabinetry.

“We prefer Benjamin Moore Onyx, and I’d use white, marble countertops and backsplashes with grey, lilac, or mild green veining to help bring just a hint of color and dimension to the aesthetic,” one designer adds.

“Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black is one color cabinet that is seductive with black stainless steel Appliances,” Hayslett adds, adding that “using monochromatic throughout a kitchen may make it seem clean and contemporary.”


In an upcoming client project, Megan Molten plans to use a blue-gray hue from Sherwin Williams’ Historic Charleston Color Collection. “With black hardware or maybe a pop of brass in the light fixtures, Cooper’s Basin and black stainless steel appliances would be a killer combo,” she says. “I adore this new fashion.”

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“We love to match black stainless steel appliances with cabinets in a soft, surprising hue, like Benjamin Moore Palace Pearl,” designer Molly Torres adds.

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