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Best Polymeric Sand: For That Incredible Durability

Looking around the outside of most houses, you’ll see cleverly placed pavers someplace. They either cover your driveway or form a charming walkway to the rear garden and while they look lovely, they aren’t always the most lasting solution. Polymeric sand is a blend of several grains of sand that contain chemicals called polymers that help them adhere together when combined with water, and it’s a must-have if you have pavers around.

The sand particles and polymer combine to join pavers and create a cohesive, crack-free surface, boosting durability. What are the best polymeric sand alternatives available, and how do I know which ones to search for?

The quality of polymer sand is determined by its constituents, with higher-grade sands and bonding agents yielding superior results. Choose one with additional capabilities, such as a weed-killing chemical, so that you can treat the entire area with a single application rather than many items.

This shopping guide can assist you in selecting the top-rated polymeric sand for your next home project. We’ve chosen the best application simplicity, affordability, and ingredient quality, so you’ll receive a top performance that will add years of longevity to your current paving.

The most straightforward approach to remedying a troublesome paver driveway or walkway is to treat it with the finest polymeric jointing sand, but how can you identify the good from the bad?

We hand-picked our two best from hundreds of reviews so you can feel confident utilizing them for your next DIY paver project.

Best Polymeric Sand 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide

  • Polymeric Sand Dominator
  • Polymeric Sand by Buddingco

Dominator Polymeric Sand Is the best Polymeric Sand:


  • 13-pound weight
  • Polymeric sand is the kind.
  • 32 square feet of coverage
  • The temperature of Setup: 32 F
  1. Dominator is the most excellent brand of polymeric sand, with its extra-fine feel comprised of the highest grade sands and bonding chemicals, ideal for even the most minor fractures.
  2. The Dominator Polymeric Sand is manufactured using Solid Flex Technology, which incorporates the most recent advances in bonding, and is the ideal choice for experts, with a recipe that guarantees no cheap fillers or concrete.
  3. This 13lb container can cover up to 32 square feet of pavers in one application, and additional sizes are available if necessary.
  4. The best part about this sand is how hard it sets when applied correctly, and it does so without the need for any concrete. People were astounded by its setting power within 45 minutes after application, with the actual results taking two days.
  5. Compared to other sands, it sets firm and fast, leaving a soft, smooth finish on top of the pavers, and it doesn’t need to be applied on a hot summer day.
  6. According to user reviews, you should set aside some additional time before applying the Dominator product because it takes longer than other sands they’ve used. It is because the more satisfactory quality of the polymeric sand allows it to go into more acceptable fractures. Thus, all of the extra labor will be worthwhile in the end.
  7. When using Dominator, a specialist fine broom might aid with the application, and reading the directions twice is crucial, so don’t hurry the work.
  8. The Dominator Polymeric Sand also comes in five color options, including taupe, natural, and charcoal, and has an easy-to-use pour spout. The sand works best in dry weather with sufficient drainage, so avoid using it if rain is expected that day.
  9. It is the best polymeric sand for broad and tiny joints, so you’ll receive fantastic results regardless of the size of your pavers or the area you’re treating.
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To get the Dominator Polymeric Sand to seal your pavers and give them a nice completed look, go to Amazon and pay roughly $40 for a 13lb pail.

Buddingco Polymeric Sand Winner

  • 18-pound weight
  • Polymeric sand is the kind.
  • 18 square feet of coverage
  • The temperature of Setup: 32 F
  1. Buddingco Polymeric Sand is another standout in this area and our best choice for those needing a black fill. With a minimum setting temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you may use it almost any time of year without having to wait days for results.
  2. Buddingco Sand was designed for many types of surfaces, including parking lots, driveways, and pool decks, making it flexible enough to treat the entire house.
  3. This product works particularly well on more significant gaps, so if you’re looking for the best polymeric sand for flagstone and other types of pavers, this is our recommendation.
  4. Others appear to suffer with the more significant gaps, and you need to use something simpler to fill the openings, but not Buddingco. Because the sand isn’t as delicate, it fits neatly and efficiently in significant gaps.
  5. On the negative side, polymeric sand is pricey, and one pound of the product will only cover one square foot of space.
  6. When you consider that you may also be filling in more significant gaps and using flagstone pavers, the actual cost might be relatively high, but many reviewers thought the results to be well worth it.
  7. Buddingco Polymeric Sand is designed to be long-lasting, preventing erosion, freeze-thaw cycles, rain, and wind from destroying your pavers, and it performs equally well in all climates.
  8. When wet and set, the sand will hold the pavers together while retaining the flexibility that polymers are known for, giving you the best of both worlds. With a slick black surface, it may stand out against lighter pavers or mix in with darker stone, depending on your work.
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Head to Amazon for the best polymeric sand for broad joints at a reasonable price of roughly $60 for an 18lb container. Although no warranties are provided, Amazon will ship it for free and give free returns, so if it isn’t exactly what you expected, you may return it without hassle.

FAQs About Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is a simple method to add longevity to your pavers, and it’s a quick DIY project with significant benefits. If you’re new to this technique, we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding polymeric sand and how it works to assist you.

What is Polymeric Sand ?


Polymeric sand is a composite of bonding agents known as polymers and tiny sand particles that combine to form a strengthening substance.

It hardens when mixed with water and may be used to fill gaps and cracks between pavers to make them smooth and consistent.

How Should Polymeric Sand be used?

All polymer sand products provide particular directions for use, but in general, you pour the product out and then sweep it to cover the pavers and spaces between them.

Once completed, water is added, and the polymer is allowed to cure, resulting in a firm concrete-like substance after a day.

How Much Polymeric Sand Will i require?

The amount of sand required to treat an area is determined by the width of the gaps between pavers.

Fifty pounds of  sand will cover 100 square feet of a modest gapped area. However, medium-sized gaps between 14″ and 3/8″ will only cover half of this amount, and more significant gaps will cover considerably less.

How long does it take for Polymeric Sand To Harden?

Polymeric sand can harden in 24 to 48 hours, depending on the type of sand used and the manufacturer’s instructions. The region’s traffic can influence how long it takes, with high foot traffic locations taking longer to set.

The Look You Want for Your Pavers

Pavers are an appealing way to add variety to your yard or a terrific architectural choice for driveways, but if not completed correctly, they may bring a slew of problems. Overgrown weeds or unsteady surfaces may all be remedied with sand and a little effort.

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With our recommendations from the top polymeric sand reviews, you’ll have everything you need to do this quick yet effective DIY project and bring your pavers back to life. All you need is a dusting of this magical sand and some handy work with the broom to convert them, and any of our favorite options is worth the money.

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