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How to Clean Your Air Filters for a Smart House

An Air Filters are made of porous or fibrous materials that remove solid particles from the air, such as pollen, dust, and mold. These gadgets are prevalent in most homes nowadays and offer several benefits. Remember that clean air is one of the most critical aspects of your house, and homeowners should try to obtain it.

Using these Air Filters are the most effective way to enhance your house’s air quality. However, maintenance is also essential since it improves the operation and air quality. These Air Filters should also be cleaned regularly to avoid costly damage in the future. People who live with pets should also clean more thoroughly.

What Do You Need Before You Begin Cleaning?

Before cleaning, have the following items on hand:

  1. Warm water
  2. soap for washing
  3. sprayer of water
  4. Vacuum
  5. Using a dry cloth
  6. Cleaning an Air Filter

Cleaning an Air Filters should not be as difficult as we make it. When washing your 17x21x1 air filters, please follow the procedures below.

1. Switch it Off

It may seem obvious, but the above point in cleaning an air filters is to turn it off. Small appliances should be disconnected to avoid an electric shock. Please avoid keeping the HVAC system running while cleaning the filter, as this may draw dust into the motor and fan.

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2. Remove the Cover

Most filter covers feature latches that may be opened to access the filter. However, you will need a screwdriver tool to remove the associated screws. Also, keep these screws securely stored for quick retrieval.

When working on overhead HVAC vents, homeowners should utilize strong stepladders. After opening, the filter should be carried outside to remove the dust entirely. The vacuum attachment may also thoroughly clean the filter’s sides.

3. Remove the Dust

After removing most dust, homeowners should run the filter under warm water to remove any remaining dust particles. To prevent dirty water from re-depositing, start with one side and work your way to the filter.

If the frame appears unclean, use warm water and cleaning solutions to remove the grime. Again, it would be beneficial to wash it well to remove the soap residue.

4. Remove the filter.

It is critical to properly dry the air filters with a cloth before returning it to any device. Likewise, homeowners should dry it thoroughly before reinserting it. While waiting for the filter to dry, thoroughly clean the air filters vent to eliminate cobwebs and dust.

Signs that your air filters needs to be cleaned.

The air quality in your house has a significant influence on the health of its residents. The following are the consequences of a malfunctioning air filters:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Sore throat.

The following symptoms indicate that you should replace your air filters:

  • Filter the dirt
  • dingy house
  • AC unit that is hot
  • Strange odor.

Last Thoughts

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An air filters is necessary for any home and should be maintained. The preceding post covered how to clean yours; further information is accessible online.

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