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5 Best Headboards For Every Bedroom Style

A headboards may not be necessary for the bedroom, but it can do more to elevate the space than you realize. Headboards can establish a color scheme, add texture, and make the overall design appear more deliberate.

Choosing the best headboards, on the other hand, can be difficult.

We’ve compiled some advice for choosing the best headboards for your space and some potential pieces to complement your decor style.

What To Look For When Buying A Headboards

Because a it is the focal point of your bedroom, there are several factors to consider when shopping. Here’s how to make your headboard functional while adding to your bedroom decor.


There are several headboard materials to choose from, so think about what you like. Upholstered are a more traditional and popular option, and these pieces frequently include tufting. However, if an upholstered or tufted isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other options. For your bedroom, you can choose from solid wood, faux leather, or metal headboards.


Another essential factor to consider is color. Consider whether you want the headboard to be a focal point or a neutral backdrop. Colors of paint, bedding, and rugs all play a role in this decision.


Before purchasing a headboard, take measurements. Check the size of your bed frame before ordering to ensure that the product you order fits perfectly. You’ll have to deal with a return otherwise.

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Because a headboard is an investment, it should complement your overall style. For example, a velvet may be appropriate for a more opulent bedroom. On the other hand, a wood or leather may complement a natural or rustic style. Have fun with your choice, but make sure it will work with any minor changes you make to your bedroom decor.

The Best Bedroom Headboards

Here are some lovely headboards to think about for your bedroom design.


Overall winner

This solid wood headboard is both elegant and functional. The three panels create a balance, and the rich colors become the room’s focal point. It will need to be assembled once it arrives and is available in five different colors.



Best for Traditional Designs

This is an elegant option with traditional diamond tufting and a solid wood frame. This item is available in six different colors and with nailhead trim or square tufting. The 3.5-inch-thick adjustable headboard fits most bed frames.


Best for Rustic Adventurers

This headboard is the ideal addition to any rustic bedroom, thanks to its unique design and stunning faux leather finish. The soft leather panels support a metal rail that you mount to your wall. The product is available in various sizes, all of which are the same warm brown color.


Best Two-in-One Choice

Do you need a bed frame and a headboard in one? This Zinus product has a tall headboard that attaches to the built-in shelf. As a result, the bed is stable and cozy, with a unified design. In addition, because the upholstered is square stitched, it will go with almost any decor.

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Button Headboard by Alexander Nail

Ideal for Fashionistas

This fashionable velvet headboard has a smooth surface and decorative buttons around the edges. This piece is available in six soothing colors and can be a trendy addition to your space. This is available in four standard sizes.

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A high-quality, eye-catching headboard can be a focal point in your bedroom design. This piece will tie everything in the room, whatever upholstery you choose.

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